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Columns: Caroline Guinness-McGann

Thu 22 Sep, 2011.
by Caroline Guinness-McGann


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There are times in life which take one completely by surprise

"News Corpse"

I am glued to the news right now. The last column I wrote was about the seismic changes in the Middle East and North Africa, Egyptians were protesting and Libyans were out on the streets, this almost seems like old news now although things continue to spiral out of control in this region and the media relegate it all onto quick soundbites. No, what is happening, as I write, is right here in the UK.
The last 48 hours have seen the most extraordinary revelations come to light and the Press, Police and Parliament are in turmoil. What started a few years ago has just exploded. The police were meant to be investigating so called ‘isolated’ incidents of phone hacking, over the last few months proof has been emerging that it was far from isolated and far more than ‘one or two rogue journalists’ were involved, but as the cases of phone hacking involved public figures (MP’s, Actors, celebrities) the public were not relating to these revelations personally. Then the proverbial hit the fan.

The News of the World (and Murdoch’s News Corporation) were found to be guilty of hacking into the phones of families of
murdered children, bereaved families of service men, victims of the 7/7 bombings and so the list goes on. It has been revealed
that police at the top have been payed hundreds of thousands of pounds for information, impeding serious criminal investigations and MP’s right to the top, including David Cameron, have been found to be complicit. As I write Andy Coulson has just been arrested, David Cameron admits that he was wholly responsible for employing him as his Director of Public Communications ...Rupert Murdoch has closed NOTW but has kept Rebekha Brooks as his chief of News Corporation,
even though she was the editor of NOTW while these incidents took place. She insists she knew nothing about it all. These massive lies, deceptions and huge corruptions are all being exposed at lightning speed. How the mighty are falling! By the time you read this column I am sure there will have been
far more seismic changes. I can dare but hope that the whole stinking pile will have crashed in spectacular fashion!

For the last few weeks there has been major Lunar activity and, those who believe in these things, have been warning that not
only in one’s personal life, but in Global affairs, massive changes will take place

I have been experiencing major (but good) events myself. There have been a few people in my life who I have lost contact with over the years, never forgetting them, always wondering where they were and how they were doing. In the last week ALL of them
have contacted me. The smile on my face has been from ear to ear, the relief that they are all alive and well is enormous and my
heart is full of joy to hear their voices again, catch up on their life stories and make arrangements to meet in person. All these
people were in my life, supporting me, through major events which shaped the person I have become.

There are times in life which take one completely by surprise ...

On a personal level I am happy to report that I have found a great GP in my town who is now taking responsibility for all my
HIV care PHEW! I also had a very happy co-incidence. While waiting for a delayed train to London I exchanged a few words
with a fellow passenger in the waiting room.

On my way home we bumped into each other again, he had missed his connecting train to our town so Hubby and I gave him a lift as he lived 5 minutes from us. While chatting in the car he asked what we did, I told him I wrote for PN, he then said he was HIV+ and his partner was the openly Gay Head teacher at the local primary school. I then told him I was also HIV and put him onto my new GP (he was already registered
at the same surgery). How about that for serendipity ...we are all meeting for a drink in town next week...


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