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Mon 23 May, 2016
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The course aims to help you better understand more about living with, and managing, HIV

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Two volunteers from the Central YMCA Positive Health Programme have been awarded a community award by the ASA - swimming’s governing body

8th WIG Party raises money for NAT

Creative industries gather at the W.I.G. PARTY to celebrate the eccentric and promote acceptance. It all started at a private house party, when a group of friends decided to have some fun, raising some money for charity

Update - GMFA launches nationwide scheme to alert men at risk of STIs

A major UK-wide scheme to notify partners of gay men diagnosed with sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is being piloted in clinics across England. Men who are diagnosed with an STI can notify previous sexual partners via an online system, so the partners can get tested and, if necessary, treated.

XMAS IN SOHO" -the fantastic new Christmas track

XMAS IN SOHO" -the fantastic new Christmas track and video written and put together by BOISOUNDS MUSIC and THE VERY MISS Dusty "O"in aid of the non for profit organisation STATUS - encouraging people to get tested for HIV.

Living HIV Confident - George House Trust

A short course led by Colin Armstead, Services and Development Manager, to support you to live confidently with HIV following a recent diagnosis or if you are new to George House Trust.

The course aims to help you better understand more about living with, and managing HIV. It provides a space for you to explore with other people some of the issues a positive diagnosis raises. The course also includes 13th, 21st & 27th June.

To book your place, click on the 'Register Now'

Light refreshments will be available. Travel expenses paid in accordance with the GHT Expenses Policy. If you require childcare in order to attend please let us know at the time of booking.

6th June 2016 4:30 PM through 7:30 PM

75 - 77 Ardwick Green North
M12 6FX

Contact Phone: 0161 274 4499


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