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Tue 18 Dec, 2012
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We’re trying to bridge that gap between high performance and getting the test out of the lab and into the community

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Warning over Illegal HIV tests sold online

Illegal HIV test kits imported from China for sale online could give an incorrect diagnosis, a Government health watchdog warned today

Waterstones Supports World AIDS day 2011

Waterstone’s historic Gower Street branch in central London is to become the first retailer to display the iconic UK AIDS quilt as part of its support for World AIDS Day 2011


Deborah Jack, Chief Executive of NAT (National AIDS Trust), comments:

iPhone App (HIV iChart) launched to access HIV drug expertise

The University of Liverpool has launched an iPhone application - HIV iChart - that provides healthcare professionals and HIV patients with instant and easy access to information about drug interactions.

UK team receives funding to develop HIV detection device

A British team that is developing a handheld device for detecting HIV in the early stages of infection has been awarded £1m of funding.

Newcastle-based company OJ-Bio is hoping to combine its prototype medical sensor technology with novel coatings developed at University College London (UCL) that can capture proteins produced after the virus enters the body, even at the low levels that occur within the first few weeks of infection.

The researchers claim that this will combine the speed of existing point-of-care testing devices with the sensitivity needed to diagnose infection within a few weeks of transmission, which is currently restricted to much more time-consuming and costly lab-based tests.

Diagnosing more infected people at an earlier stage could help to reduce the spread of the virus and cut the cost of treatment because more people will be able to begin managing their condition more quickly, said Rachel McKendry, UCL’s lead investigator for the research.

‘We’re trying to bridge that gap between high performance and getting the test out of the lab and into the community,’ she told The Engineer.

‘Fifty per cent of HIV diagnoses happen at the later stage of infection and one in four people with HIV in the UK don’t know they have it… But AIDS is now a preventable disease. Once someone’s diagnosed, their life expectancy can be near normal. It’s not the death sentence it used to be.’

Source: theengineer.co.uk
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