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Wed 24 Aug, 2011
By Sam Bristowe

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Warning over Illegal HIV tests sold online

Illegal HIV test kits imported from China for sale online could give an incorrect diagnosis, a Government health watchdog warned today

Waterstones Supports World AIDS day 2011

Waterstone’s historic Gower Street branch in central London is to become the first retailer to display the iconic UK AIDS quilt as part of its support for World AIDS Day 2011


Deborah Jack, Chief Executive of NAT (National AIDS Trust), comments:

iPhone App (HIV iChart) launched to access HIV drug expertise

The University of Liverpool has launched an iPhone application - HIV iChart - that provides healthcare professionals and HIV patients with instant and easy access to information about drug interactions.

HIV monster - 4 yrs for callous lover who passed virus to partner

The African Health Policy Network (AHPN) would like to express disappointment at the article published on 26th July 2011 in the Sun newspaper by Mr. Alastair Taylor.

AHPN, a national network of African community organizations in the UK, feels that the news report is discriminatory, incites hatred and reinforces stigma towards people living with HIV.

The use of the word “Monster” in this context is unacceptable in reference to anybody irrespective of their health condition or place of origin.

The prevention of HIV transmission is a shared responsibility between both partners in consensual sex. Notions of the “victim” and the “defendant” are both deeply disturbing and misrepresent the true facts. Disclosure of HIV status is not a necessary pre-condition for safer sex.

This article victimized and discriminated against Nkosinati Mabanda by revealing his identity and characterising him in this way exposed him to stigma, discrimination and even potential violence.

“Such reporting is irresponsible and undermines all the efforts that those who are working in HIV are putting to challenge stigma and discrimination and promote early testing. We can only win the fight against HIV when the media understands the negative consequences of their reporting.” Eunice Sinyemu, Head of Policy at AHPN.

The Sun newspaper has a wide reach of readers, and that comes with the responsibility for the newspaper to be objective and put news items in perspective.

AHPN will be very happy to engage with Sun newspaper reporters and the media personnel with regards to appropriate language to use when reporting HIV and other health concerns.

Source: AHPN


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