12:44 | 21st March 2019

Sexual Health:

BioSURE HIV Self Test

BioSURE HIV Self Test


There are nearly 1 million African people living in the UK, spread all across the country. While HIV can affect anyone, it is an unfortunate truth that more African people in the UK have HIV than most other sections of the population.

Scientists create a dissolvable condom

Researchers have developed a female condom which they claim can protect against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV by dissolving inside the body and releasing chemicals.

Get Tested. Make History.

Walk in for free, instant, safe HIV testing. Knowing your status can help you to take control of your health and protect your partner(s).

New 'Super STD' found and proves to be impervious to medication

A strain of gonorrhoea is being called a “super-STD” as it rapidly spreads around the world and proves it is impervious to any current medication that is out in the market.